Raise Business Capital: Give a Time and Attendance Overview

Raise Business Capital: Give a Time and Attendance Overview

Has a shiny new object caught your eye? Perhaps it’s a monstrously big piece of equipment, or the latest innovation in nanotechnology. Now your next step is to raise business capital to pay for it.

With an advanced time and attendance system, you can create customized reports to help meet the enormous reporting requirements of securing capital.

Customized reports accurately reflect your business in your terminology. The lender (or investor) will want to know everything about your business before they fork over the cash.

For example, a business is often made up of profit centers such as Sales and Service. You can use time and attendance reports for an operational overview on how much time your people spend in each profit center and when are your busiest periods.

Quality information like this can help your lender (or investor) focus on the nature of your business with real examples of employee time.

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