Manage Payroll Taxes: Have Essential Time and Attendance Reporting

Manage Payroll Taxes: Have Essential Time and Attendance Reporting

Time and attendance reports can help payroll managers reconcile the amount of payroll taxes withheld and owed. In which case, double-checking is essential.

But if you are still using paper-based timesheets, your manual time and attendance reports may be wrong.

With an advanced time and attendance system, you can create Excel spreadsheets or PDF reports that seamlessly integrate into your payroll systems.

Managing payroll taxes is a serious subject and we like to simplify things when we can.

Payroll taxes:

  • Represent withholdings of employee earnings
  • Are due when wages and other forms of compensations (reported as W-2 earnings) are paid to employees
  • Are held in trust by the business for the employee

A cloud-based time and attendance system captures employee time and attendance (right down to the second). With this accurate reporting, you can better verify payroll tax. It’s that simple.

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