They're Not Always Thinking About Work

They’re Not Always Thinking About Work

Managers may be shocked to learn: employees are not always thinking about work. This is a good thing. Studies show that downtime helps a person be more focused when returning to a task. So what’s the secret to keeping top talent? Give them the tools they need to help them schedule that much-needed downtime.

A real-time time and attendance system can help you do just that. Yet, most organizations still work with a paper-based system. Other organizations have a hybrid: paper write-ups that get transferred into spreadsheets or payroll databases. These approaches may work fine at times for calculating payroll, but your employees are left in the dark.

Your employees wonder: Have I accrued enough time to take a vacation?

You’ve heard the phrase “at the click of a button” many times. Well it’s not a cliché; it’s actually a mindset. Whether or not your employees are “computer savvy,” the Internet has changed everyone’s expectations, and this carries over into the workplace.

Employees expect instant, unimpeded access to their information –– just like checking their bank account balance online. And you can give this to employees through a cloud-based system that tracks and calculates time and attendance in real time.

Your payroll manager is not the only one who will get excited about a cloud-based time and attendance system. With the functionality to transmit PTO and accrual information in real time, this type of system can actually help your company provide employees with a great work experience.

For example, employees can automatically view their PTO (vacation or sick) days on-screen, and accrual calculation tools can help employees determine if they will have enough accrued time off.

Furthermore, with real-time access to this information in the cloud –– versus a sticky note on someone’s desk –– employees can also see who has requested off for those same days.

With cloud-based time and attendance, employees are empowered with information. They can confidently request time off, instead of worrying if management will reject it.

Doing things right the first time is a key goal in efficiency. Help your employees seamlessly manage their time off –– so they can stay focused on the mission-critical work at hand.

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